martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

The world situation, the fall of Cristina and the new government

Workers of the chickens factory, Cresta Roja, the most important strike of the last months
Omer Celik, one of the most important spokesmen of the Turkish Justice and Development Party -the AKP of Erdogan- has just declared that his government is determined to provide all kind of support to the Turkmen of Syria "giving them the moral and material security that they need to face their enemies". /  Turkmen militias act between Jarablus y Kobane in order to prevent Kurdish guerrillas from unifying the cantons of Rojaba, avoiding any possibility of communication by land between the ISIS troops and their Turkish leaders. 

In that place the Turkish batteries shot down a Russian airplane for "violating airspace for 17 seconds". One of the pilots was rescued by Russian helicopters, while the other was murdered by the Turkmen, who shot him while he was falling in a parachute. /  The main NATO spokesman, Jens Stoltenberg,immediately after the fall of the Russian bomber,  declared that "we support Turkey and the territorial integrity of our Turkish ally". (Read complete)

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