martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Hypocrites! They allowed the despicable attack in Paris to justify a declaration of war against the immigrants and the european workers.

Just at the moment when the terrorist attacks in France that left almost two hundred dead were made, the Turkish authorities began to receive the leaders of the major world powers - grouped in the G-20- to carry out  a meeting of that organization in a resort in the Mediterranean coast, in the area of Antalya. /  The representatives of the USA, Russia, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, France, Italy, Brazil or Argentina, that  "emphatically" repudiated the events of Paris, did not have any awarenessconcern in disembarking in the main terrorist state of NATO, whose secret services support the ISIS bands and other groups.

They went to Turkey in spite of knowing that more than two thousand agents of that country where in charge -together with officers of Mossad, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Arab monarchies- of the training of the ISIS bands and another mercenary organizations that are fighting in Syria, Lybia,or that are putting bombs in Europe. /  None of these hypocrites refused to hug  the Turkish accomplices of the ISIS attack, who before killing two hundred people in Paris had killed more than a hundred in Ankara. Neither were they able to condemn the repression of the Kurdish people of Silvan, that are been slaughtered by the Army and gangs linked to ISIS. (Read more)