lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015

Kirchnerismo fell and a weaker government that will enable adjustment is going to assume.

The new presidente dancing for the victory
Millions of workers and poor people used the "punishment vote" choosing Macri's list for ending their experience with Cristina's & company government.

This option had had one of its most important expressions in October, when one of the most recalcitrant candidates of the kirchnerismo, Anibal Fernandez, lost the government of Buenos Aires against the unknown candidate of Cambiemos, Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Because of this we reaffirm our statement of that moment: "A great part of the masses chose an opposing right wing list to punish the right that is ruling... meaning no right shift from the mass movement."

The last events, that not only include this electoral result but the great struggles and general strikes that took place between 2014 and 2015, have weakened the bourgeois democratic regime that is prevailing in Argentina since the fall of the dictatorship.

The most important fact that supports this reasoning is the resounding fall of the government which, by means of demagogy and concessions, guaranteed the most scandalous handover of the Argentine history to the big international corporations. /  The Kirchners have opened the doors to the monopolies, making easier to them the plundering of the richness -mining, oil, soya pools- apart from being the ones who have paid more in debt concepts. (Read more)

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